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Golden Gate Trio
A pleasing rhythmic meld of electracoustic Americana-folk-rock with a slight bluesy streak and dead-ish psychedelic roots. Original music with a familiar, energetic feel. Covers that harken back to the heyday of the Haight.

Golden Gate Trio - music from beyond The Haight!
Songs on the Jukebox:
The first 8 tracks are selected songs from our recent CD release, Eyes of a Fisherman. Songs by Gary Brooker (all rights reserved - copyright 2011)
1. Fathoms (Brooker)
2. Eyes of a Fisherman (Brooker)
3. The Sea (Brooker)
4. Walkin' (Brooker)
5. Salmon Song (Brooker)
6. Oregon Coast Blues (Brooker)
7. Fantasea (Brooker)
8. Reflection (Brooker)

The last 10 tracks are songs from our Beyond the Haight CD. Most of these songs are originals written by Gary Brooker (all rights reserved - copyright 2011)
9. Oregon Coast Blues (Brooker)
10. Box of Rain (Hunter/Garcia)
11. Crossroads (Brooker)
12. Christian Blues (Brooker)
13. Almost in Love (Brooker)
14. Ride the Desert (Brooker)
15. Walkin' Stick (Brooker)
16. Uncle John's Band (Hunter/Garcia)
17. Brown Eyed Woman (Hunter/Garcia)
18. Green Back Dollar (Ramsey/Axton)

CD and download cards can be purchased at any of our live gigs, or to purchase online, visit: