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The foundation of Clean Slate is Gary Brooker on acoustic or electric guitar, harmonica, vocals, and foot pedal kick/shaker - with Vallorie Hodges on bass, vocals, and jingles. As Golden Gate Trio we are joined by Danny Norton on drums/percussion and have a very San Fran sound, but beyond The Haight.

We have had the good fortune to work with many talented local musicians, including Gus Willimen on congas and saxophone, Joe Armenio on percussion and drums, Mary Beth Nickel on Native American flutes, and Sandy Wieneke on the Afro-Peruvian box drum called the cajón. Drummers Bill Flood, Curtis Colt, David Wood, and Danny Patteson have joined us on stage on occasion, and additional musical collaborations have included Ken Petersen (previously of the Plastic Ono Band).
Meet the Band
Gary Brooker - solo
guitar, vocals and harmonica.
Clean Slate as a acoustic duo
Gary Brooker- guitar & vocals
Vallorie Hodges- bass & vocals
Clean Slate acoustic
Gary Brooker- guitar/vocals
Vallorie Hodges- bass & vocals
Gus Willemin- congas & sax
Sandy Wieneke- cajon
Golden Gate Trio
Gary Brooker- electric guitar & vocals
Vallorie Hodges- bass & vocals
Danny Norton-drums
Additional drummers (clockwise)
Joe Armenio David Wood, Bill Flood,
Nearly Normal with Ken Petersen - formerly of the Plastic Ono Band

Electric 5 piece band included Gary Brooker (elec guitar/ vocals) Vallorie Hodges (bass/vocals)
Ken Petersen (guitar/vocals)
Curtis Colt (drums)
Jeff Austin (keyboard)
Ken Petersen
Debra Lee Benton